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We help to have a social integration, greater learning and communicative independence to people with disabilities.

Functional Features

Agile learning methodologies adapted to people with disabilities that have been analyzed by a team of professionals.


Possibility to create audios and pictograms. Future implementation of the ability to create pictograms from real photos.


Analysis of the most suitable content by collecting informationprovided by specialists.

Interactive Design

Colour codification helps users to associate categories with colours. Also, the creation of the phrase is easier and more intuitive, without the need to navigate between different screens.

How to use the App ?

With a user-friendly, interactive and powerful interface with an implementation of color code association.



We chose the context of the message, which represents the category of pictograms, such as food, work or transport.



We select the different pictograms that represent actions to form the phrase.



We press the speaker button, to communicate the phrase at loud.

Application adapted to different social areas

Analyzing the different environments to which we manage with specialists, offering the best functionality.

  • For family

  • For Education

  • For Work

You want to know more ?

In the following video you can see our roadmap.

Application Screenshots

We leave you a detail of our application.

Our Team

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Jesús Rodríguez

Owner idea & Chief Executive Officer

Joaquín Molina

Co-Founder idea & Chief Product Officer

Manuel García

Chief Technology Officer

Juan Manuel Gámez

Chief Operating Officer

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What's Integrar-T?

Integrar-T is an alternative and augmentative system of communication that allows to communicate from speech synthesis, by clicking on pictograms that represent the action we want to communicate.

Integrar-T can be used by any user, but our goal is to give the possibility of communicating to people who have a disability in the motor function of speech, we also want to make it possible for people who have a motor disability by adapting the application from of electromechanical material.

Currently the application is in development, but will soon be available on various platforms.
If you want to know about the functionality of Integrar-T or want to test its use, you can contact us.

Communication should be for everyone, as well as being able to transmit your thoughts and feelings, so we are in full development of an application that can achieve that mission.
To achieve excellent functionality of the application we accept that educational entities, educational centers and even family contact us.

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Below you can see Integrate-T releases.

Winner of the Social Entrepreneurship Award.

Integrar-T was the winner among 88 participants of the contest to which he presented his internship project in the Social Intrapreneurship Prize ...

An application with a social spirit.

This opportunity arose the day an email from the everis foundation appeared in my inbox informing me of the call for the Social Intrapreneurship Award. After...

Project: Integrar-T.

Alternative communication system to give voice to those people who, due to different problems, have not had the opportunity to communicate, Integrate-T is the tool to carry it out.

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To know more about us send us an email.

  • info@integrar-t.com